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If you have any questions regarding your product's warranty, please contact us.

Warranty Period

Product Warranty Period
Custom Seat Covers 1 year
Semi-Custom Seat Covers 60 days
Universal Seat Covers 30 days
Other Products 30 days

Warranty Coverage

Your product is backed by a warranty that covers defective fit, workmanship, and premature wear. Any such defective section of our product can be replaced once damage is verified to be under warranty coverage.

Products eligible for warranty coverage will receive free standard shipping via pre-paid label for return of the defective product and free standard shipping of the corrected product.


  • Our warranty does not provide coverage for orders that were incorrectly specified, damages resulting from mishandling or incorrect care and maintenance.
  • Customers are solely responsible for the correct selection of color, pattern, material, and seat specifications before submitting an order. Incorrectly ordered products may be altered to the desired specifications for an alteration fee. See our return and exchange policy for more details.

Submit a Warranty Claim

To qualify your defective product for a return, please complete the following steps:

  1. Verify that your product is within the warranty period and is eligible for warranty coverage
  2. Obtain the following information:
    • Proof of purchase (if covers were received as a gift, we will still need proof of purchase from original purchaser).
    • Photos documenting product defect(s) in fit, workmanship, etc despite normal use.

Once we receive the required information regarding your return and approve the return, we will contact you with an RMA number and a pre-paid return label. We are not liable for returns that are damaged or lost in transit so please package your returning merchandise carefully.


  • All returned products are inspected before any warranty claim is fully approved. If a defective product is found to have damages that did not occur from normal wear, the returned product will no longer qualify for a warranty backed repair.
  • For any returns outside of our warranty policy, please contact us directly for return authorization. Any merchandise that is returned to our location without a return authorization number visible on the package label will be rejected and returned to sender and no refund will be issued. Please contact us directly for support on any of our seat covers that you would like to return that are not covered under warranty before mailing back the products.