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Camo Steering Wheel Cover


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Ready your steering wheel for the great outdoors with our camo steering wheel cover. Made of comfortable cloth with foam backing, and featuring realistic outdoor scenery and high definition patterns, our steering wheel cover will make your next trip a pleasant one.

Don't forget to also coordinate your steering wheel cover with our other camo products.


  • Increased comfort without bulkiness – just the right amount of padding to add softness to steering wheel
  • Durable - utilizes the same laminated fabrics found on our fully custom seat covers
  • Machine washable
  • Water Resistant
  • Hand made in the USA
  • Universal design fits most car's steering wheel
  • Installs in seconds - no tools are required
  • UV protection resists color fading
  • Airbag safe - will not interfere with airbag deployment

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Color Disclaimer
Every effort is made to represent fabric colors accurately, but due to different color calibrations in monitors, we cannot guarantee every monitor/screen will accurately reproduce the actual color of the fabric.
Grey Camo Steering Wheel Cover in a Honda Accord
Superflague Camo Steering Wheel Cover in a Honda Accord

What's Included

  • 1 x Camo Steering Wheel Cover

For routine care and maintenance, your product should be vacuumed or brushed (we recommend a brush with soft bristles) to remove any debris. For small stains, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp towel. You may also use a small amount of mild, non-bleach, liquid detergent.

For more thorough cleaning, product may also be machine washed. To machine wash:

  • Remove product from vehicle and place into Washing Machine
  • Set cycle to gentle/delicate and use cold water setting
  • (Optional) Use a mild, non-bleach, liquid detergent and dilute to 1/4 concentration
  • Hang to dry.

Note: Do not use a dryer on any heat setting to dry your product. Doing so will void your product's warranty.

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