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Madrid Seat Covers

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If you are interested in a material that will closely resemble the manufacturer\'s cloth fabric seats found in your vehicle, our Madrid seat covers are a good fit. This fabric is part of our OEM line of seat covers and features a very subtle patterned pile that gives it duo-directional stripes: verticals stripes horizontally crossed by angled stripes. It is extremely soft and one of our more plush fabrics. In addition to looking like factory seats, they come with extra features: UV protection, water and stain resistance, good abrasion resistance, and best of all, are removable and machine washable.

Recommended for Pet Owners: YES

Seats for illustration purposes only and do not represent your vehicle's actual seats.

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Step 1 / Choose Seat Cover Color


Step 2 / Customize Product For Your Vehicle

Quick Fitment Guide

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Color Disclaimer
Every effort is made to represent fabric colors accurately, but due to different color calibrations in monitors, we cannot guarantee every monitor/screen will accurately reproduce the actual color of the fabric.

Full Lamination and Increased Comfort

Every part of your seat cover is made from laminated fabric that comprises of a comfort layer and your choice of fabric. Lamination tightly bonds the seat cover fabric and comfort layer with heat instead of using toxic adhesive or stitching that can easily unravel.

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Seat Airbag Compatible
(with No Ugly Airbag Flap or Velcro)

You don't have to sacrifice safety or looks when using our seat covers. Our custom seat covers use the same stitching found in your OEM seats to ensure seat airbag compatibility without affecting their appearance.

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Exact Fit & No Seat Functionality Loss

Designed better from the ground up using technology and over 20 years of experience in the seat cover industry. We guarantee our seat covers will fit your exact year, make, and model vehicle, without interfering with seat movement, seat controls, seat belts, and safety latches.

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Do-It-Yourself Installation

Completely transform the interior of your car with no special tools or experience required! We make sure the installation process is smooth so that you can enjoy your seat covers sooner.

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2010 VW (Volkswagen) Golf Silver Madrid Front Seat Covers
2010 VW Golf Front Silver Madrid Seat Cover with Map Pockets
2006 Toyota Corolla Front Row Silver Madrid Seat Covers
2011 Toyota Camry Front Row Silver Madrid Seat Covers with Silver Velour Sides
2011 Toyota Camry Passenger Silver Madrid Seat Cover with Grey Velour Sides and Headrests
2011 Toyota Camry Rear Row Silver Madrid Inserts with Silver Velour Sides and Headrests
2011 Toyota Camry Custom Seat Cover with Full Material Backing in Silver Velour
2011 Toyota Camry Rear Center Console Cover in Silver Madrid
2003 Toyota Highlander Silver Madrid Black Velour Seat Covers
  • Full custom seat covers - guaranteed exact fit for your year, make, and model vehicle
  • Headrest covers
  • Armrest covers (where applicable)
  • Console covers (bench configurations only)
  • Side airbag compatible alteration
  • Cutouts for seat controls, cup holders, and latches
  • Fully laminated fabric for the entire seat cover*
  • Premium Option - Map Pockets (Learn More)*
  • Premium Option - Double Stitching (Learn More)*

*Full Custom Exclusive

For routine care and maintenance, your product should be vacuumed or brushed (we recommend a brush with soft bristles) to remove any debris. For small stains, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp towel. You may also use a small amount of mild, non-bleach, liquid detergent.

For more thorough cleaning, product may also be machine washed. To machine wash:

  • Remove product from vehicle and place into Washing Machine
  • Set cycle to gentle/delicate and use cold water setting
  • (Optional) Use a mild, non-bleach, liquid detergent and dilute to 1/4 concentration
  • Hang to dry.

Note: Do not use a dryer on any heat setting to dry your product. Doing so will void your product's warranty.